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RE:ARTISTE’s Workshop Program is a Platform for You to Start Learning New Skills and Get Empowered as a Creative Entrepreneur.

Your time and money are precious. Your hectic lifestyle does not give you a chance to invest thousands of dollars and years of life into continuous education programs provided by the universities. Consider our one-evening or one-day workshops - get inspired, learn how to market and sell your artwork, how to make connections and get more exposure.

 All creative entrepreneurs, artists, startups are welcome!

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How to enjoy the process of creating art and - at the same time - become a well-paid artist? How to sell you art? How to get more exposure and get discovered by art enthusiasts, curators, and potential buyers? First, you should start thinking as a creative entrepreneur. If you don't have an agent, gain certain business-related skills for yourself.
Our workshops in Social Media, presentations of Copyright & Registering aspects, guidance on how to become an artist entity (business formations, basic taxation, and more) will help you successfully swim in the ocean of business and entrepreneurship. You will learn how to promote your artist profile, build awareness, and expose your artwork to a broader audience. We help you choose the right strategy to get discovered.

Workshops and Instructors.

Series of Coaching Sessions,  “How to Become a Well-Paid Artist”. 


madison-reyes-reartiste-workshops.jpgCoach: Madison Reyes, Professional Certified Coach who holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. Madison has helped his clients multiply their income up to ten times, create successful relationships, and start thriving international businesses.




artterrace-reartiste-creative-coaching-leorapini4.jpgCoach: Leo Rapini, Master Coach at Coaching Collective, a globally based, cross-cultural coaching firm based in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong. The creative industry is a ruthless industry. In order for artists to make a living they need to work both hard and smart. The intersection of Art and Business is Leo Rapini’s  *sweet spot*:  he shows the artists how to work smart by separating art and business and, in the process, advises them on how become financially sustainable while having a full-time art career.







Series of Workshops “How to Boost Your Artist Career”.



natalie-burlutskaya-reartiste.jpgInstructor: Natalie Burlutskaya, Art Business and Marketing Professional with a profound business background in a leading Fortune 500 company. Currently, an exhibiting Photographer, Co-Founder and Advisor at RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization.

Natalie is focusing on advising emerging & mid-career talents, artists, creative entrepreneurs on business aspects of their careers, as well as Marketing: Branding you as an *artist entity*, Promotion, Smart Online Presence, Copyright & Registering. She provides a three-tier workshop on the Social Media Integration to promote your art, artist profile, and gain more audience to see your art. You will learn how to network, promote yourself, and save time with the help of free smart tools and software. Also, Natalie conducts seminars on Business Formations and Law & Ethics of the art market. Sign up here.









Creative Workshops, “Unleash Your Artistic Potential”.



jayanthi-moorthy-jury-show-your-world-competition-reartiste1.jpgInstructor: Jayanthi Moorthy, mixed media artist and painter. Ms. Moorthy provides teaching and creative workshops for the folks of all ages and ancestries, actively integrating spirituality and techniques to reveal your creative potential. Jayanthi Moorthy also curates her own art community project, “Art Fast”, which celebrates creative energy and promotes Indian cultural heritage in the USA.





kate-goltseva-profile-picture-reartiste.jpgInstructor: Kate Goltseva, painter and graphic artist. Learn painting on water and create your own world with the therapeutic Ebru technique! Along with the Ebru workshops, Kate provides designer workshops to show how to convert your fine art pieces into applied patterns and themes. If you want to submit your creations to design firms or home decor companies, join Kate's designer workshops to learn various software techniques to make your fine art a successful commercial project. Sign up here.


Photography Workshops.

Learn how to take pictures like a Pro.

Even if you have your smartphone as a camera, the knowledge of the basic things such as Lighting will help you improve your photos. Should you learn how to shoot a great portrait on a budget, join our Portrait Class. In just two hours, you will learn tips on how to light faces and direct your models to pose in various assignment situations. This is a simple, no-nonsense but hands-on workshop where you get to shoot a series of professional-quality headshots for your own portfolio.

Instructors: Rebecca Pearson and Jon Hart

rebecca-mb-pearson.jpeg john-hart-professornyu.jpeg

Rebecca MB Pearson is an exhibiting and published photographer, working with film cameras and digital gadgets. She's a Press photographer for Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.
Her photographs were featured in TimeOut NY, NY1 News, East Villager, Ceramics Magazine, and Sunshine Artist.
John Hart is a photographer and educator, a Photography Professor at New York University teaching several courses including Digital Photography and The Art of Storyboarding for Film
Author of 6 Books: "50 Portrait  Lighting Techniques" and "Professional Headshots" are among them.



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To schedule an individual or group coaching session or training, or to become an Instructor, please contact RE:ARTISTE at info@reartiste.com.


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