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Photo Competition "Spring Awakening"

"Spring Awakening" Photography Competition 

As Spring arrives, there is an evident change in the environment and human behavior. We view spring as the commencement of new life, the eruption of hope, expression, inspiration. Submit your interpretations of Spring awakening!

This photography competition will bring hope to many people, as a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Christopher James Phillips & Susan V Phillips Foundation. The foundation funds college scholarships on behalf of Christopher James and Susan Phillips. You can also support The Foundation by participating in their 5K/10K Trail Run/Walk. Join us, submit, and support.

The deadline for submissions: May 31, 2015 (CLOSED)



Eunika Rogers, Memphis, TN

"Medusa's Glare".


 "I've always looked forward to Spring and Spring flowers - even as a little girl, I would go out and play in the flowers, and 'decorate' myself in them, or just turn them into dolls I would play with. I grew up in Eastern Europe when I had maybe one doll which was very expensive, and I was not allowed to play with it. So flowers and the coming of Spring was my time to be a girl and, eventually, a woman - it is when I make changes and create goals for myself and allow myself to dream. 

 In this image I am wearing a dogwood tree bloom. They grow in abundance here (Mid-South), and they always look like dresses to me. The great idea about being an artist is that I can make some dreams come alive in pictures where I can chose my dress and go running or dancing in it in a morning mist, and feel alive.

About the title of my artwork: I am a long distance runner, and I often play little pretend and mind games to keep it interesting.
With this image, I pretend to run, jump, and twirl as to not be seen - thinking that if I do get discovered the dream will end..."



Ann Langdon, Madison, Connecticut  - "Spring River Rush".

Bin Feng, Savannah, Georgia  - "The American Dream".

Christy Chapman, Rossville, Georgia  - "May the Light be Greater".

Michael Ernst Sweet, Astoria, New York - "Sun Bath".


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