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Kate Goltseva


Kate Goltseva is an interdisciplinary artist who is exploring feelings, human behavior, and expression. Kate's art is about raw materials and emotions we are made of: love, longing, compassion, hesitation... It is about an endless journey of the Soul, struggling for peace inside.

She shows the complexity of human feelings and behavior through building relations between different artwork parts: behavior of twisted lines, face-expressions, bodies, textures. The intricacy of this relationship is a reflection of the universe construction: small micro details free to group into large parts or to decay.

Currently Brooklyn based, Kate Goltseva was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. She is familiar with different countries and cultures. As an artist and a person, she is researching what happens underneath of all layers people are covered with to protect themselves. She's been searching for what appears, when one takes off all superfluous covers and revives naked and savage beauty of human nature.

In her works, Kate Goltseva goes back to ancestry theme a lot. Human history, social behavior, and subconsciousness are her favorite directions to explore. Kate thinks that in the past, people were more open, hungry, native in their cravings. They were not afraid of exposing the burning energy they had inside, and they were more connected to nature. There was a time before people lost a sense of innocence and became self-contained. 

Kate explains: “My art is freedom of spirit, choice to uncover and make a statement that time can change everything, but basics, that we are built of, are still inside.”

Kate loves exploring various techniques. One of her signature styles is ancient Turkish ebru 'water painting': she combines ebru with traditional acrylic painting.