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Artist Residency on Governors Island

Submissions are closed. Stay tuned for opportunities in 2019.
The second year in a row RE:ARTISTE is involved with the inspiring art project, Daughters of Troy. This is a collaboration between theatre and visual artists led by Aubrey Saverino in partnership with RE:ARTISTE. This summer we will use classical text, visual art, music and mythology to explore female archetypes, sexuality and desire in site-specific performance installations in Governors Island.
The theme of this summer's project is the duality of female sexuality and desire. Particularly the way it is represented in the stories we tell versus the secrets we keep. We aim to excavate the layers of myth and reality to reveal the elusive truths at the core of how we see ourselves.
We are looking at this duality through the lens of the Persephone myths:
On the surface (literally) Persephone is the goddess of spring/an innocent maiden, but is taken by Hades and becomes the queen of the underworld for half the year -- a world associated with secrets, sexuality and our subconscious.

Since our residency takes place in a two story house, these two sides of Persephone will be represented on each floor (the surface v. the underworld)

WHO we are looking for:
We are seeking visual artists who are inspired by classical text, mythology, and current events to collaborate with theatre artists on site-specific performance installations in a house on Governors Island. 
WHAT we are looking for:

1.Several Visual Art pieces (by various artists) for Downstairs Gallery:

Downstairs represents the surface, the stories/myths we tell about sexuality & desire. It will be an art gallery with pieces hung on the walls with natural light. For this, we are looking for the following:

  • paintings, photography, sculpture, video art, etc that address the theme of female sexuality and desire.
  • paintings, photography, sculpture, video art, etc from female artists that respond to the following prompt: "How I respond to how my sexuality is represented."
  • connection to mythology is a plus.

2.Installation Artist(s) for the stairwell

Seeking an installation artist to transform the house stairwell into the river Styx. This can be a literal, figurative, or metaphorical transformation. Audience members will walk up the stairway to get to "the underworld".

This installation may include (from the same artist as above or in collaboration) transforming the stairwell wall into a light installation where audience members can write their secrets in invisible ink and at select times, with lighting, we can reveal those secrets. 

3. Installation Artists for upstairs (The Underworld)

The upstairs, (the underworld), will be filled with installations that transform the rooms with a particular interest in lighting choices. There are two different spaces we are looking to transform in different ways:

  • Room #1: Seeking an installation artist to transform the space into a confessional. Art can be metaphorical or realistic. Could use projections, sounds etc. Artist can utilize natural light or block off widows. Secrets will be revealed in this room. It is part of the underworld in a profoundly personal way.
  • Room #2 - seeking an installation artist to transform this larger space into a club. This space is two rooms that bleed into each other. Possibly, one half will seem like a swinger party, the other like a kink party dungeon. Particularly interested in a projection artist, but open to other options. Also interested in blocking out natural light and creating a lighting experience. Soundscape options also welcome.




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