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Rebecca MB. Pearson

rebecca-pearson-reartiste-bw.jpgRebecca MB. Pearson is that rare type of a contemporary photographer who easily gets along with film cameras as well as with digital gadgets. She has been photographing since she was 10 when Rebecca's dad handed her down his Kodak Brownie Reflex camera. 

Extremely advanced techically and experienced as a professional photographer, Rebecca MB. Pearson has an artist eye and soul. The art photography series, "Manhattan Corners", presented on the RE:ARTISTE gallery is inspired by Rebecca's daily walks from New York's Lower East Side to Washington Square Park. She used to cross several street corners that "team with life".

With a Diana film camera, Rebecca MB. Pearson captured that energy - the bustle of shoppers, a New Yorker hailing a cab, the traffic, the majestic Grace Church on Broadway, those bicycles everywhere... This is the second series of Manhattan Corners that was digitally post-processed to enhance the colors of each photograph and create that abstract sense of surrealism.

You can also enjoy Rebecca's artwork on silk - these silky fragile masterpieces can be used as scarves or kept in your art collection to become an antique witness of the nowadays New York.

Rebecca MB. Pearson has got numerous shows in New York City. Her photographs for Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit were featured in TimeOut NY, NY1 news, East Villager, Ceramics Magazine, and Sunshine Artist.


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