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  Our art competitions are evaluated by a panel of distinguished professionals who represent different areas of expertise in the art industry.

Lawrence Wheatman is a member and the Education Chair at the famous Soho Photo Gallery in New York, curator and creative educator, exhibiting artist and producer. Along with that, Lawrence Wheatman has been successfully teaching Photography at New York University for 30 years and was deemed amongst  the “Best Professors in School” at NYU-SCPS for many years. Lawrence is a Juror for the annual art competition "Show Your World" and "TRANSFORMATION".

Maureen Burns-Bowie is a director of the United Nations Program at Women’s Caucus for Art and a representative to the United Nations, where she facilitates art events relating to social and environmental activism. Maureen is an active artist and a social activist. Her work in ceramics was featured at the various exhibitions and in books. Maureen is the juror for the art competition "TRANSFORMATION". The curatorial project and exhibit "Transformation" will feature artists in three categories: Social, Personal, Beauty.

Jayanthi Moorthy is an exhibiting artist and art educator. In 2016 she co-curated a group show for A.I.R Gallery called Cooperative Consciousness, at the Kochi Biennial, India. Ms. Moorthy organizes unique creative workshops for people of all ages and ancestries. Along with that, Jayanthi curates her own art community project, Art Fast, which celebrates creative energy and promotes Indian cultural heritage in the USA. Jayanthi Moorthy is a Juror for the annual art competition "Show Your World" and "TRANSFORMATION". 

Julie Fragar is an exhibiting artist, art educator, researcher, curator. Fragar’s visual arts practice is centered on painting and its relationship to human subjects and authors. Her main subjects are biography and migration. Earlier, in her PhD Thesis, she argued that visual arts criticism—comparatively speaking—lacks the nuanced conception of the author central to autobiography studies and that this area of research could shed light on the work of other self-referential painters. Julie Fragar's work is represented in major institutional collections including the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. She has been included in major national prizes in Australia. Julie Fragar is a juror for the project "TRANSFORMATION". The curatorial project and exhibit "Transformation" will feature artists in three categories: Social, Personal, Beauty.

Kay Kane is a Doctor of Visual Arts, Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Australia. She is an active artist, lecturer, winner of prestigious awards such as bi-annual Agnes and Harold Richardson Drawing Award. Among Kay Kane's works there is  a series of paintings entitled The Restoration of Venus. Research on the theory of painting and art, Exegesis, accompanying these paintings being entitled The Restoration of Venus, The Nude Beauty and Modernist Misogyny. Kay is a juror for the project "TRANSFORMATION". The exhibition "Transformation" will feature artists in three categories: Social, Personal, Beauty.

Sheryl Haler is an exhibiting artist and educator. Sheryl Haler earned a BFA in Design Communication from Texas Tech University and a MFA in Clay/Fiber/Sculpture from the University of Houston. With over 30 years of professional teaching experience, Sheryl joined Ringling College in 1992. Her work has been exhibited at Textile Arts Centre, Chicago; Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts; Arkansas Arts Center Decorative Museum; and Provincetown Museum, MA. Sheryl is the co-author of Design Concepts and Applications. In 2016 Sheryl Haler became a winner of the Second International Art Competition "Show Your World" in New York City. Her mixed media complex sculpture, huMANity, was exhibited at Gallery MC, New York, in November 2016. Sheryl is a juror for the project "TRANSFORMATION". The curatorial project and exhibit "Transformation" will feature artists in three categories: Social, Personal, Beauty.

Rebecca MB Pearson is an exhibiting photographer and board member of Washington Square Outdoor Exhibition - a show featuring artists showcasing their Fine Art, Photography, crafts, sculpture in New York City. Pearson’s work covering WSOAE has been featured in TimeOut NY, NY1 news, East Villager, Ceramics Magazine, and Sunshine Artist. As an artist, Rebecca MB Pearson is that rare type of a modern photographer who is equally familiar with digital and film cameras. Rebecca is the juror for the annual art competition "Show Your World".

Marc Fields is President of “Loveland  Sculpture Group”, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to expanding opportunities and appreciation for sculpture. Mr. Fields is an active participant of various art organizations dedicated to art and sculpture, including “National Sculpture Society” (the oldest organization of professional sculptors in the United States). President of “The Compleat Sculptor”, a unique community place and supply source for artist. Marc is a Juror for the annual art competition "Show Your World".

Shirley Siegal is an exhibiting Israeli artist, lecturer, instructor of drawing and painting workshops. Social activist. Shirley Siegal's work focuses on life of a woman - a woman’s place in the society and family: as a mother, daughter, career woman, and an artist. With her art, Shirley researches and shows women’s everyday life, social status, dress code and relationships with their  surroundings. Shirley Siegal is a finalist of the “Show Your World”-2015 International Art Competition. Shirley is a Juror for the annual art competition "Food Chain".

Hadieh Afshani is an exhibiting and award-winning Iranian-Australian artist recently moved to New York. Through her personal experience, Haideh Afshani is exploring the theme of immigration as the "double displacement", as she calls it, the sense of time, memory, hopes for coming future through intimate places. Ms. Afshani is a Fine Arts and Animation Lecturer and Tutor for Life Drawing, Drawing and Visual Arts studio based courses. Finalist of the “Show Your World”-2015 International Art Competition. Hadieh is a Juror for the annual art competition, "Show Your World", and a co-curator of the Juried Exhibition, "Transformation", at RE:ARTISTE.


Gailani Ibrahim is an exhibiting artist and activist currently residing in the Middle East (Muscat, Oman). Gailani refers to himself as the “debating artist” who depicts struggles of individuals and society. Through his portraits he tells stories of real people and emphasizes an importance of human rights and equal opportunities for all. Galiani's inspiration is Sufism and Frida Kahlo. As a social activist, Gailani organized an art retreat for people of all backgrounds. The hugely successful retreat project has completed its fourth year of exploring the healing power of art. Far more than a painting workshop, these monthly therapeutic social events are transformative experiences that can help people understand themselves better. They are also fun, music-driven days of creative expression. Ibrahim Gailani was one of the winners at our 3rd International Call for Artists "Show Your World". He is a juror for this art competition now.


Leslie Tucker is an award winning exhibiting artist based in New York. Through her art, she always states her social and political views. As Ms.Tucker puts it, her artistic goal is to "lure my audience with intricate appeal and then upon closer inspection, to assault with disquieting content. I often explore and critique the conditions, circumstances, and relations in which the various issues of social and economic justice, environmental protection, race, gender, and human rights manifest. My artistic practice examines how we might learn to navigate our discomforts and disillusionment as a way to understanding and perhaps transcending our hypocrisies and our blindness." Leslie Tucker is a juror for our Call for Artists "Food Chain".






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