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Irina Kasperskaya


Painter and graphic artist, Irina Kasperskaya is an alumna of the world famous Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, the alma mater for generations of traditional and avant-garde artists, since 1876.

Irina Kasperskaya is a master of the ancient technique, impasto: the paint is laid on canvas very thickly, which makes the brush strokes really visible. By doing this, Kasperskaya creates dimensional paintings, where her oil brushstrokes act almost like sculptural elements – the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas. The viewer is hypnotized by various colorful accents gathering into the well recognized objects.  Thanks to Irina’s signature style and the artist nickname, it is easy to recognize the "Casper's paintings".
Kasperskaya's favorite themes are wildlife, landscapes, still life. In her paintings she mix-and-matches objects and enjoys playing with composition and colors. The specific color palette of blue and purple hues - this is what also defines Kasperskaya's artwork. 
Irina Kasperskaya’s works have been purchased for private collections, some of  her paintings were commissioned. Kasperskaya's artworks have been exhibited in Saint Petersburg, Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki,  New York


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