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Igor Kovalov

 Igor Kovalov, a Finalist of the "Show Your World" International Art Competition.


Igor Kovalov is a New York City based artist, designer and art director. He studied painting in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev and  Grand Central Atelier in New York. After his graduation he’s had a successful carrier in the Entertainment Industry working on numerous Commercials, Movies and Video Games with clients like Marvel, Sony, Intel, National Geographic, Oculus and many others.

Today he’s been working as a lead concept artist on several video games projects as well as pursuing his career in contemporary art creating deeply personal artworks. In his statement as an artist, he separates his professional work in the Entertainment industry and personal work as a fine artist and painter.

At the exhibition "Show Your World" he presented an artwork from his series "Nudes" - figurative paintings focusing on accidental gestures of the human body. It's an attempt to show human body without its history and personality by shifting the focus to anatomy and lighting. The artist's intention was to make the figures look expressionless and anonymous and let the subtle details tell their own story instead. 

igor-kovalov-nude-02-25x15-inches-digital-painting.jpg igor-kovalov-nude-5-digital-painting-30x13-300.jpg


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