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Diana Mui

diana-mui-reartiste-mirror-reflections-portrait1.jpgDiana Mui, a Finalist of the "Show Your World" International Art Competition.

Diana Mui is a New York-based emerging artist fascinated with the power of a mirror. Mirrors became Diana Mui's blank canvases where she paints all kinds of emotions and feelings.

By using a mirror as a "canvas" Diana Mui literally involves and includes into her artwork all kinds of refelctions of the moment, including you, who's looking at the mirror right now. Thus a viewer becomes an art object, a part of the artwork. This is why Mui's art pieces are so "relate-able" - you will feel and see yourself within the reflection.

Every mirror artwork displays a message, emotions, and expressions. Antithetical, straight forward, angry, optimistic, or liberating -  all are extremely frank and personal.

These mirror paintings can be collected by pieces or set up as a collage of various emotions. What makes the pieces special is the deconstruction and then the reconstruction process.

Being a successful interior designer, Diana Mui feels the space essentially, and thus artistically creates 3-D artworks, which literally are multi-dimensional to the extend of your own space and vision.


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