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RE:ARTISTE is an international art organization helping emerging and established artists get discovered by the audience of curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

Art is a powerful peacemaking force. Think about human history - in many cases we use works of art as an evidence of the historical and social events, an illustration of human lifestyle and feelings, in a historic discourse. Through the eyes of artists and photographers we see the world. Through the artists’ vision we are able to view the unseen.

Therefore, promoting artists to the world is our peacemaking mission which connects people of different cultures, origins, and legacies. 

While one person is creating, others are searching for "their" artwork. RE:ARTISTE is building a network of artists and art enthusiasts to help the artists find their audience. We are about bringing the artwork to a public eye and making the artwork meet its admirers.

OUR GOAL is to search and promote artists via various calls for artists, juried exhibitions, shows, educational workshops and networking groups. 

"I have a very definite theory that a work of art exists only when the spectator has looked at it." - Marcel Duchamp

Your art should be seen. To make it happen, RE:ARTISTE has been curating an array of shows such as the annual juried exhibition “Show Your World” in New York City. Also, we have been hosting two networking groups -  “Art Terrace” and "The Platform" - offering various empowering workshops and meetups for creative entrepreneurs, amateur and professional artists, art enthusiasts.

WE ENJOY networking and collaborative activities. Gallery MC and Soho Photo Gallery are among our favorite art organizations where we've been curating art shows, hosting workshops and artist talks.

ART TERRACE, our networking group, aims at building a community of artists and art enthusiasts who are based in the Tri-State Area. By connecting people at our frequent gatherings, through conversation and sharing experience,  RE:ARTISTE builds strong connections among creative beings. By joining the “Art Terrace” networking group you become open to new opportunities, build awareness, add to your overall life experience and career.

OUR WORKSHOP PROGRAM offers various classes for all creatives. Along with that, emerging and professional artists can sign up for the workshops empowering their entrepreneural skills. At our workshops the guests expand their vision, learn new skills, get professional advice, build new connections, and - for sure - have fun!

IN THE PAST, RE:ARTISTE has accomplished many exciting projects. We’ve been working with visual and performance artists, designers and producers. Artists from 47 countries took part in our International Art Competitions "Show Your World" - many international art events were organized by RE:ARTISTE in 2015-2018, based on this exhibition. The "theater+visual art" collaboration "Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head" (2015), participation in DUMBO Arts Festival in 2013, an ongoing series of performances and the art residency "Daughters of Troy" on Governors Island are among our favorite projects. 

THERE IS A GREAT TEAM of creative minds behind the operation of RE:ARTISTE.  Our competitions are evaluated and judged by artists, educators, art business professionals.

CURATORS: Natalie Burlutskaya (USA), Hadieh Afshani (Iran-Australia-USA), T. Lawrence Wheatman (USA), Henriette Roka-Aardal (Norway)

ART DIRECTOR: Igor Kovalov


WORKSHOP INSTRUCTORS: Natalie Burlutskaya (Art Marketing), Hadieh Afshani (Art), Kate Goltseva (Ebru), Rebecca MB Pearson (Portrait Photography), John Hart (Portrait Photography), Leo Rapini (Coaching), Madison Reyes (Coaching), Jayanthi Moorthy (Art, Creative Coaching), Leah Miriam Cooper (Digital Design, Web Design), Shirley Siegal (Art), Ekaterina Mouratova (Legal Aspects), Cyndie Burkhardt (Art and Wellness), Catherine Stratton (Video Marketing), Paul Goddard (Art and Wellness), Eric Emma (Digital Design, Video Marketing)