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Meet the Founder

Natalie Burutskaya is a New York based curator, producer, and photo artist, founding director of RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization. 


As a curator, Natalie Burlutskaya has been exploring the art that informs, educates, ignites a conversation, and evokes change. She has curated several international art exhibitions and special projects involving collaboration between visual, theater, and opera artists. A Certified Art Business Professional, with a profound marketing & business background in a leading Fortune 500 company, she is the founder of RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization - an art event and networking platform for artists, mostly emerging and mid-career. Currently an art curator, exhibiting photographer and marketing advisor, Natalie is interested in discovering artists working with uncommon mediums, digital and video art. In the projects she curates Natalie works with visual artists, performance artists, theater and opera. Collaborative projects include Daughters of Troy, experiments with digital art and opera performance, pairing visual artists with musicians, theatrical and operatic artists. Her curatorial work includes such artists as Yu Chuan Chang, Hera KimTrina Merry, James Hsieh, JunYi Chow, Shirley Siegal, Hadieh Afshani, Sheryl Haler, to name a few. She produced an array of international shows attracted artists from 50 countries.

Along with that, she works as an art marketing advisor and artist manager, conducts workshops and individual consultations || LinkedIn: Natalie Burlutskaya

As a producer, Natalie is exploring the intersection of various mediums to create a comprehensive show experience. At the same time, she collaborates with other organizations to create music events, including major venues. She has been co-producing series of concerts in collaboration with Lyric Seasons and at Spotlight Artists Management and Production. She has been mentioned in Broadway World for her collaboration with Daughters of Troy Theatre Company and Spotlight Artists Management and Production, in Operawire, and in the media abroad.

The theme she’s most interested in as an artist is people’s life and social anthropology in such a megalopolis as New York. A hectic lifestyle of city inhabitants often means surviving through stress factors: giant architecture, noise pollution, high speed of decision making while often remaining vulnerable humans. Many people still live with a sense of insecurity, with hidden desires, fragile moments of loneliness, fear, or happiness. It is especially true to women, men in their middle age, LGBTQ-community - people have to suppress their feelings in favor of career or security. Natalie's photography is street and hidden life of urban and suburban people and places.


December 2019 - January 2020 "Moving - Living - Being Sequence" Solo Exhibition of Hadieh Afshani, Crossing Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
November 2019 "Show Your World" 5th International Annual Juried Show, Gallery MC, New York City
March 2019 "CAMP" Group Show, Gallery MC, New York City
December 2018 "Transformation" 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition and Special Project, 36-24-36, New York Citynatalieburlutskaya-reartiste-artists.jpg
September 2018 "Show Your World" 4th International Annual Juried Show, Gallery MC, New York City
August 2018 "Environmental Food Chain" International Group Show, Gallery MC, New York City
May 2018 RE:ARTISTE Presents an Artist Collective at the Superfine Art Fair, New York
March 2018 "I Care", The All Women Show, Wall Gallery, Bushwick/Ridgewood, New York
November-December 2017 "Show Your World", Third Annual Juried Exhibition, RE:ARTISTE at Gallery MC, New York
October 2017 "Transformation" Juried Group Show, organized by RE:ARTISTE at Gallery MC, New York
2016-2017 “Daughters of Troy” Art Exhibition and Site Specific Installations, Governors Island; in collaboration with theatre producers Aubrey Saverino and Brooke M. Haney, New York
2016-2017 “The First Supper” mixed media art installation and a series of artist talks and panel discussions, New York, USA (Gallery MC) – Toronto, Canada (Feminist Art Conference)
November 2016 “Show Your World”, Second International Art Exhibition, Gallery MC, New York
November 2016 “Daughters of Troy”, visual art part for the performance, Dixon Theater, New York
August 2016 “Naked” International Photography Exhibition, Soho Photo Gallery, New York
January 2016 “Show Your World” First International Exhibition, Gallery MC, New York
November 2015 “Indulgence” Painting Exhibition, Hudson Dance Studio, New Jersey
August 2015 “Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head”, Visual Art Exhibition and Site Specific Photo Installation, Soho Photo Gallery; in collaboration with theater team, New York
February 2015 “Dance and Art” photography and mixed media exhibition, Hudson Dance Studio, New Jersey
November 2014 “Art in Real Interiors” photography and mixed media show, Pepela, New York
November 2013 “Hidden Illusions” photography group exhibition, Gallery Bar, New York
May 2013 “Life After Life” photography and mixed media show, Gallery Bar, New York



September 2019 "Immigration is the Nation", Group Exhibition, Cargo Project Gallery, Bushwick, New York
December 2017 "Us for the Arts", Winter Show at The Wall Gallery, Bushwick, New York 
August-September 2017  "The Persephone Project", Art Residency Barton Booth - Project "Daughters of Troy", Governors Island, NYC
June 2017 "A Postcard Show", A.I.R. Gallery, New York
July 2015 "Wish You Were Here 14" group show, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
July 2014 "Takeover" group show, Times Square, New York
May-June 2014 “One Life” group show, New York
October 2013 "Teasing Illusions" group exhibit, Gallery Bar, New York
October 2013 "Creative Rising", skyscraper giant projection, group show, Long Island City
August-September 2013 See Exhibition Space, group show, New York
August 2013 "The Story of the Creative", Opening at Angel Orensanz Foundation for Arts, group show, New York
April 2013 "One Nite Show", solo and group show, Soho Photo Gallery, New York. 


Contact Info:

Instagram:  @reartiste and @natalie_newyork
Twitter:        @reartiste and @Nat_NY 
LinkedIn:   Natalie Burlutskaya


Key to images - curated by Natalie Burlutskaya:

- Third Annual Exhibition "Show Your World" (2017); video art by Leah Miriam Cooper, performance by Zoya Gramagin;
- "Breaching Containment" by J'han Brady at the 4th Annual Exhibition "Show your World" (2018); 
- "United Stitches" by Dong Kyu Kim at the 2nd Annual Show "Transformation" (2018); 
- "Gray Monster Inside Me" by Hera Kim at the 4th Annual Exhibition "Show Your World" (2018)



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